About Us

Aryachemi Salafchegan Company was founded for the purpose of producing paints, thinners and related derivatives in 2007 in Salafchegan Special Zone. Since 2018 with the approach of producing oil and automotive and industrial lubricants having the aim of achieving 40,000 tons per year capacity, The whole complex is equipped, under the German brand Pro-tec from the bluechemGROUP.

Aryachemi Motor Oil Factory uses advanced design and production machines, Storage tanks, modern packaging lines as well as quality control laboratory equipped with state-of-the-art equipment The work has been operational since March 2017.

Due to the increase of cars with modern technology the need to use high quality lubricants has increased and the production of high quality engine oil is essential by consumers and car manufacturers in the country. The company utilizes base oil from the highest quality manufacturers and also additives through bluechem company from Western Europe which is playing important role in the production of quality products. The bluechemGROUP of Germany owns, with approvals various from world-class automakers such as: GM, FORD, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Volvo, Hyundai, KIA.

Aryachemi product portfolio in engine and gearbox lubricants is very diverse and entails a wide range of cars including gasoline, diesel and hybrid with turbocharged and without turbocharged or old and new technologies bluechem group car care products such as fuel supplements, all kinds of detergents Internal parts of the engine, etc. can be purchased and ordered through this company in very near future.