CVT gearbox

Wednesday, 09 March 2022 08:15
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CVT or Continuously Variable Transmission means variable power transmission system. The first CVT was registered in 1986. The technology of this type of gearbox has improved significantly in recent years, where today several car manufacturers, including General Motors, Audi, Honda, and Nissan, adopt this technology in their modern cars, and extensive research is equally on the agenda to improve the efficiency of this type of gearbox.

When the driver changes gears under normal circumstances, the gearbox engages two gears with various sizes and numbers of teeth.

The involvement of different gears causes different gear ratios (proportional to the number of teeth and gear diameter) and torque and speed are transmitted from the engine to the wheels based on this gear ratio.

Gear engagement is implemented in manual gearboxes. Needless to say, in automatic models, this gear ratio is caused by engaging of solar, planetary gears, rack maintainers, and ring gears, But in the CVT gearbox, there are no solar, planetary gears, etc. Rather, innovative technology and processes are under the skin of these transmission systems.

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