Reasons to reduce car engine oil

Wednesday, 09 March 2022 08:13
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According to car experts, it is completely normal for the car engine oil level to drop, in some cases, you may see your car engine oil level decreases more than the specified amount.

In most cases, the reasons for car lubrication are as follows: If the oil temperature rises, the car oil temperature may be higher than appropriate. In this case, you should seek the reason for the mechanical defects of the car. The next reason is that the oil level is abnormally high. In this case, you must drain off the oil below the allowable limit.

Car piston ring wear or adhesion is the following problem: your car piston ring may be worn or stuck. Problems in sealing and valves can be considered the next reason, due to the sealing type or defective valves in the finished state. The choice of oil with unsuitable characteristics seems to be the next reason: if you choose an oil with unsuitable viscosity, more or less than the amount recommended by the car manufacturer, it should be evacuated and replaced with suitable oil.

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