Engine life is at risk by non-standard oil filters

Wednesday, 09 March 2022 08:10
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The oil filter for the car is like the liver for the body. A small refinery that absorbs oil impurities from internal engine operation and combustion to provide higher quality lubrication.

Just this one point is enough to comprehend the essential role of quality in producing oil filters.

In poor quality filters, the improper paper used or due to the presence of a seam at the junction of paper filtration is not performed properly; For this reason, particles and contaminants pass through the filter and gradually enter the engine.

These contaminants will cause severe damage to the car engine by scratching the cylinder and piston. Dripping oil droplets from the filter connection, rusting of the chamber cover, pressure intolerance, and as a result, clearance of the filter will cause the oil to gradually or quickly leave the engine lubrication path. Obviously, due to high pressure and friction, car parts will damage.

Compression (burning of oil), excessive consumption of gasoline, boiling over, reducing engine power, and in some cases even breaking valves and connecting rods (moving parts of the engine), and finally, complete stop of the engine are some of the problems caused by using a poor oil filter.

If the oil filter does not replace on time, various masses cover special paper in the filter chamber hence the oil will hardly pass through the filter. As a result, the tension in the lubrication cycle increases and if not controlled, it will cause damage to the oil pump and failure to lubricate the engine parts. For this purpose, oil filters have a safety valve when the pressure rises, the oil is unrefined in another way, thus preventing damage to the engine. The on-time operation of this valve is ignored in many filters. Opening in time (at low pressures) will cause non-filtration, not opening in time (at high pressures) will cause very severe damage to the engine.

The oil passage must have a certain amount of oil. When the engine is off or the oil pump is down, the filter is responsible for maintaining the amount of oil. For this purpose, there is a washer inside the filter that allows the oil to pass in one direction. If this current returns, the relevant washer will be closed and the oil will not go out of the way. But if this current returns, the relevant washer will be closed and the oil will not go out of the way. But if the washer does not work, the oil will drain when the car is turned off and the engine will run without oil until it refills (about 5 seconds).

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